2018: One year to go

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Sporting event held at Surfers Paradise
August 12, 2017

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To mark the ‘One Year to Go’ milestone before that well-known sporting event officially kicked-off here on the Gold Coast in 2018, Surfers Paradise held an event with expected fanfare.

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, the monumental sporting event was a big deal for the City, its people and local businesses.

As part of the celebrations we were fortunate enough to be involved in an artistic performance that took place on an eight metre square vertical wall — In collaboration Bleached Arts and renowned Sydney theatre company Legs On The Wall we were commissioned to develop the eight minute animation that became the canvas on which the artists performed.

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With a tight production timeline and an interactive design medium we’d never encountered, we took inspiration from circa 80s video game graphics and audio to create a visually striking yet playful animated canvas for the performers to work their magic. After many iterations in production and hundreds of hours editing and rendering, the result was fantastic with crowds enjoying every minute.

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