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Hey Duggee characters playing at the park
May 12, 2020

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Simple yet brilliant, Hey Duggee is the absolute epitome of great design and storytelling. So it’s no surprise that the show keeps going from strength-to-strength. To help them get even stronger, we were asked to refresh their global website, heyduggee.com.

The episodes are only seven minutes long. The frog is a green triangle with eyes. They play classical music. And they teach kids to be responsible. Simply put — it’s brilliant. And audiences agree, with The Guardian calling it ‘peerless’. The show’s also won multiple awards, been adapted into a book, spawned a plethora of merch, and released an incredibly popular song about a stick (there’s even a 2018 FIFA World Cup version).

We’ve seen this success before. In fact, BBC Studios came to us about another dog that captured the imaginations of children around the world — Bluey. And just like the Brisbane-based pup, Duggee and his pals are encouraging kids to engage in positive activities. This approach has seen the show commissioned for three series (126 episodes!), and distributed to multiple countries, including Ireland, France, the US and Latvia.

However, international exposure also means more global fans — and more website visitors. To give all of these new, and returning, guests the best experience, BBC Studios asked us to refresh Hey Duggee’s global website.

And thanks to our rich history of working on digital projects for the British production company (especially Bluey), we knew exactly how to translate the Hey Duggee magic online.

Just like the show, our solution was minimal but incredibly impactful. We placed our users’ experience at the very centre — a surprisingly complicated task when you have two very different audiences: children, and their parents. Nowhere was this user-focused approach expressed more than the online store. The page is now so easy to navigate, even Duggee’s youngest fans can find their favourite Squirrel Club products (they should get the card holder’s permission before any purchases, of course).

Hey Duggee home and watch pages on tablet devices

It seems audiences love the refresh, too. For the month before launch, over 18,000 users viewed just under 63,000 pages. Even though visitors dropped by 1.05% after launch, page views increased by a staggering 30% — resulting in a total of 81,941. It meant that people were exploring the site more, visiting an average of 3.24 pages per visit (compared to 2.51 for the month before launch). They were also staying longer, with the bounce rate decreasing by 16.45%.

The final product — and the reception it’s received — makes us incredibly proud. But Duggee is just a glimpse of our work with BBC Studios. In fact, we’ve also just launched global websites for the wonderful Sarah & Duck and the energetic Go Jetters. No matter what fantastic brands we’re working with, we’re incredibly grateful to give them a digital place to call home.

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