How a Content Strategy makes content better (and easier) for brands

How a Content Strategy makes content better (and easier) for brands


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August 11, 2023
By Anna Kertesz

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In a world where 81% of Australians are active social media users, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence. That’s where the magic of a content strategy comes in—a strategy that goes beyond social media to include owned channels, too. With this in hand, your brand can unlock the power to captivate, engage and drive extraordinary results.

In this article, we’ll explore the pivotal role of a well-defined content strategy and unveil the countless rewards it brings. Let’s dive in!

Understanding goals, objectives and metrics

Every quest to conquer the digital realm needs a clear destination. Enter goals, objectives, and metrics—the compass that guides your content strategy towards success.

When you’re setting goals for your content strategy, it’s important to think about what you really want to achieve. Do you want to increase website traffic? Capture leads? Solidify brand recognition? Or maybe a mix of all three? The key is not only to identify your goals, but also to determine how they align with your overarching marketing and business objectives.

And here’s a secret: by defining these goals and the metrics that measure their impact, your marketing team gains a superpower—the ability to showcase the undeniable value of investing in strategic, captivating content.

Connecting with the right people in the right place

Do you want to create content that your target audience loves? Then you need to deeply understand them. What are their desires? What are their behaviours? What is their lifestyle? Once you know these things, you can create content that speaks their language, resonates with them, and lingers in their mind long after seeing it.

This customer-centric approach can build trust, loyalty and a slew of brand advocates. But here’s the thing—different channels serve different purposes, each appealing to its own unique user base, demographics, and patterns of audience behaviour. That’s why your strategy needs the secret ingredient: understanding how your current and future target audiences mesh with these channels, as well as their individual strengths.

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Building your brand, one content piece at a time

A content strategy can help bring your brand to life and should be carefully crafted from the key attributes of your brand strategy. When done right, it can amplify your brand’s unique personality, capture the hearts of your audience and forge a personal connection with them.By aligning your content with your brand’s values and character, you’re essentially forming an alliance with your tribe. You’re showing them that you understand them and that you share their values.

This builds trust, loyalty and advocacy. After all, people engage with brands they can believe in.

What’s more, a skilfully designed content strategy uncovers exciting opportunities for collaborations with partners, while also tapping into the latest trends and topics. It’s like stepping into the spotlight, grabbing the attention of your engaged audience and fuelling their excitement.

Using tactics for effective content

When it comes to creating content that leaves a lasting impression, using the right tactics is crucial. Each channel—and brand—requires a unique approach. Only then will your content truly shine.

First, take full advantage of different placement opportunities within each channel. This means using a variety of formats, from captivating in-feed posts and informative guides, to branded stickers and filters, the creative possibilities are endless. And the more you explore these, the more likely you’ll engage your audience in exciting and unexpected ways.

But there are so many more tactics to discover. For example, conducting thorough keyword and hashtag research, collaborating with like-minded brands and influencers, and utilising user-generated content (UGC), just to name a few.

Leveraging organic content

Organic content is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. It can help you connect with your audience on a deeper, more authentic level.

When you create content that resonates with your target audience, you’re more likely to spark genuine interest and capture their attention. This can drive higher engagement and click-through rates compared to traditional ads and promotions.

Creating organic content also works well across other channels. For example, you can enhance the effectiveness of your top-of-funnel paid advertising efforts and also elevate your direct-to-customer communications.

The outcome? Increased website traffic, heightened engagement on paid assets, and the opportunity to build valuable remarketing pools that can be used to convert interested prospects into loyal customers. This all leads to increased sales—the real ROI.

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Benefits beyond the metrics

A content strategy that hits the mark goes beyond mere performance metrics. When you hone in on your goals and understand your audience, your content becomes a force to be reckoned with. Not only will you see increased click-through rates, but you’ll also cultivate brand awareness and drive engagement on your social profiles.

Imagine the ROI that stems from strategically optimising your content for search and discovery — and not simply within search engines. TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are also powerhouse search tools, so understanding how to harness these to make your content more discoverable is another key piece within a content strategy.

On top of that, quality content doesn’t just generate awareness and increase sales. It educates, entertains and positions your brand as a trusted source, amplifying your reach and influence.

So, while performance metrics matter, remember that a well-crafted content strategy is a catalyst for growth, nurturing your brand’s reputation and reaping rewards that extend far beyond the numbers.

Streamlining content creation

A content strategy is more than just a marketing tool. It’s a roadmap that helps businesses plan and create content in advance, enabling a more streamlined and efficient content creation process. This allows for platform-first content creation, focusing on rolling out one content topic into the best format for each channel.

This top-down approach empowers your team to focus on what truly matters: crafting exceptional, high-quality content. No more scrambling to create content specific to one channel at a time or settling for generic reposts. Instead, it ensures your brand’s message shines bright, turning the heads of your audience across every touchpoint.

Crafting a content style guide

Crafting a content style guide is like giving your brand a tailored makeover specifically designed for social channels. It’s an opportunity to define how your brand should look, feel and sound in the content space, ensuring consistency and making a memorable impact on your audience.

This guide goes beyond your old-school style guide or brand manual. It offers a blueprint for text styling in social placements, such as Reels and YouTube videos, preserving your brand’s identity while providing valuable insights on shooting and framing social content for your in-house teams.

Technology tools for engagement

Embracing useful tools

Producing content can be a juggling act, particularly for larger businesses, multi-team setups, or those collaborating with influencers and partners.

Thankfully, an array of useful tools are at your disposal, ready to lend a helping hand in managing content, scheduling, posting, community engagement, and even streamlining internal workflows. Don’t be afraid to use them. Plus, the advent of AI-powered solutions offers brands fresh avenues for enhancing content creation while reducing production timelines and overall effort.

A content strategy acts as your guiding light, revealing the right tools while also deciphering which ones best fit your business.

Wrapping it up

In a nutshell, a cleverly developed content strategy is pivotal for any brand’s online success. When approached in the right way, it becomes a formidable asset for any brand seeking to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Ready to level up your brand’s content strategy? We can help.

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