A regeneration to traverse time

A regeneration to traverse time

BBC Studios

A digital home fit for sci-fi royalty

Creating a website to capture over 60 years of Doctor Who and its endless Whoniverse of content.

While Doctor Who was busy traversing time and space, we got to work developing a fresh global hub for the Time Lord, one built to capture the legendary program’s ever-growing fan base and Whoniverse of characters. From Ace to Zoe, there is a spacetime vortex of Doctor Who content to discover, stories to delve into and games to delight. Within 60 days of launching, the new digital home of Doctor Who welcomed over a million unique visitors—or should we say, Whovians.

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2M+ times

Simon Clarke, BBC Studios

Simon Clarke

Head of Digital Content, Kids & Family BBC Studios (London)

Guerrilla have been an essential partner and extension of our team for over ten years. Together as market conditions and technology have changed we’ve continually evolved and advanced our digital footprint. They have a deep understanding of our needs and ambitions and continue to deliver on both.

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